Awakened Wellness Radio Show
with Mylaine Riobe, MD


Happy Body!  Happy Mind! Happy Life!

Join Dr. Riobe, a double-board certified medical doctor of the newly recognized field of Integrative medicine and OB-GYN, for an eye-opening, mind-expanding adventure into wellness and disease prevention. Debunk myths, learn about cutting-edge research corroborating ancient medical systems, and explore the mind-body-spirit approaches that keep you and your family vibrant, healthy and happy!

Dr. Riobe specializes in traditional Chinese medicine, functional medicine and conventional medicine, bringing a unique perspective to inspire a paradigm shift from our reductionistic and antiquated conventional medical system to a vibrant, dynamic system fusing the best of multiple medical and spiritual models while leaving behind what no longer serves us.



SELF-EMPOWERMENT IN WELLNESS Why we must Drive our own Healthcare Decisions in the Future to Restore our Health Join Dr. Riobe to explore why giving...

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