Awakened Wellness Radio Show
with Mylaine Riobe, MD


Happy Body!  Happy Mind! Happy Life!

Join Dr. Riobe, a double-board certified medical doctor of the newly recognized field of Integrative medicine and OB-GYN, for an eye-opening, mind-expanding adventure into wellness and disease prevention. Debunk myths, learn about cutting-edge research corroborating ancient medical systems, and explore the mind-body-spirit approaches that keep you and your family vibrant, healthy and happy!

Dr. Riobe specializes in traditional Chinese medicine, functional medicine and conventional medicine, bringing a unique perspective to inspire a paradigm shift from our reductionistic and antiquated conventional medical system to a vibrant, dynamic system fusing the best of multiple medical and spiritual models while leaving behind what no longer serves us.

Justice in Healthcare Through Self-Empowerment

Shattering the barriers imposed by socioeconomic disparity in communities of color.

The 3 Biggest Mental Health Mistakes We Make That Leave Us Vulnerable to Depression and Anxiety

Do You Know
Your Dynamic Metabolic Type?

Learn how ignoring your dynamic metabolic
type can lead to burnout and fatigue!

Hormone Myths You Should Know – Learn the Truth About How Hormones Impact Your Health!

The 3 Biggest Mistakes Women Make That Keep Those Stubborn Holiday Pounds from Coming Off

The Secret of the Body Electric!

The Chinese Circadian Clock – Tick Tock…
Is Your Clock Set To Feel Great?

Why Intermittent Fasting Doesn’t Work for Women and What You Need to Know to lose those stubborn holiday pounds

Best Fitness Strategies for the New Year!

The Little Known, Powerful Secrets of Food Temperature to Boost Metabolism

Holiday Weight Gain- How to Avoid It and Why Counting Calories Won’t Help!

Holiday Burnout…Real or Imagined?

Explore this emerging “problem” many Americans face every year and what you can do to prevent it”

Toxins Hiding in Plain Sight
and How to Get Rid of Them

The Difference Between Blood Deficiency and Anemia Every Woman Should Know

3 Biggest Mistakes of GI Health
You Should Know

The 3 Biggest Mistakes Business Entrepreneurs Make!

Spring Cleaning the Body To Detox or Not to Detox?That’s the Question!
And You’ll Get the Answers!

Century Wellness: The Rules
of the Game Have Changed!

Learn the secrets that have helped Dr. Riobe’s clients optimize their health and happiness!

Mental Wellness Tips
for a Fulfilled Life!

Learn the latest research and the ancient principles that can guide you to happiness and wholeness. Be the eye of the storm!


in Wellness

Why we must drive our own healthcare decisions in the future to restore our health.

Join Dr. Riobe to explore why giving power away to corporations to make healthcare decisions for us has landed us in this mess and how we can take our power back.

Autoimmune Diseases Revisited!

Join Dr. Riobe to explore why autoimmune diseases are on the rise in women and how we can protect ourselves.

Why Millennials May Be the Sickest Generation to Date!

Join Dr. Riobe to explore the real reasons the most health-conscious and best educated generation is projected to also be the sickest.